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In Pearl of Mer, the Mermaid Arra doesn't think twice of stripping in front of a guy before returning to the ocean. Strange Minds Think Alike : In "Train of Fools Cory sends away the last available cab in the city because he thinks the driver was an imposter and says, "For all I know, he was gonna take us to some warehouse, and cut out our. The show lampshaded their use of this trope several times: From season five: Cory: Hey.

As neither Cory nor Eric lives at home at this point, and as they are now adults and more or less on their own, there isn't necessarily a need for their parents or pre-teen sister to appear as members of the main cast, but. Feeny sees Alan and Amy sitting on the back porch and says "What the hell are we looking at?" When Eric thinks Feeny is moving to Hawaii, Feeny says "That's one bitchin' board bro." Gossip Evolution : In "She's Having My Baby Back Ribs.

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